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When you’re dealing with the complexities of a divorce, you need financial expertise that’s both trustworthy and customized to your individual situation.  Having lived the experience myself, I know it is an especially challenging time, even when you are comfortable with your personal finances.  

CDFA’s are financial professionals trained in the complexities of divorce finances. We use our education, training, and experience to help divorcing individuals and couples split assets fairly and establish a sound financial plan for the future.  Already trained as accountants, investment advisors, or financial services, CDFA’s receive specialized training to help divorce clients gather necessary financial information and develop financial projections based on different scenarios for dividing assets.

CDFA’s help clients determine the short-term and long-term financial impact of any proposed divorce settlement. We can also provide valuable information on financial issues that are related to the divorce, such as tax implications, dividing of retirement plans, and more. 

​How we can help:

​Whether you have hired an attorney or not, We work with you to gather the marital financial facts and organize them.  We compile the marital assets table, and then begin to run cash flow analysis to look at "what if" scenarios.  Therefore, when you meet with your attorneys you are prepared and make efficient use of your resources - we save you money.

​If you have a Separation Agreement already and want someone to help you make sense of the numbers, we can help.

​Most importantly, you have taken an important first step, you are here.  Please use the pink button below to schedule a one on one initial consultation and we can talk about how we may help you.

Why Hire a CDFA?

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