This is a general outline of our process, every divorce is different with cases averaging 9 hours.  Below is an estimate and each case will vary due to complexity.

Brief synopsis of your situation and we determine how we will work together.  Client Engagement and Document Checklist will be sent to you, once signed and returned with retainer we will schedule our first session.  Discovery session is complimentary.        

15 – 20 minutes

Initial Consultation
We will discuss your priorities are, gather financial & family facts, review documents, start to put together the income and expenses worksheet.     

1 – 2 hours

Assess Current State
We will continue with income and expenses worksheet.  This will involve a lot of detail and conversation regarding your day to day life.     

2 –  3 hours

Build assets and liabilities table, review income and expenses, run long term cash flows which will help us get a look at what your finances might look like in the long term; using the priorities we discussed. 
2 – 4 hours

Next Best Steps
If then scenarios will be discussed per results, this will be in conjunction with your priorities and making sure we aim for an equitable outcome.  We will also address resources for you to consider.
2 – 4 hours

We bill on an hourly basis with a 2 hour minimum. 

​​Jessica M Garcia​ MBA, CDFA

Supporting clients in their move toward financial readiness during divorce