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How do we get started?

1.  Initial Consultation;  a 15 minute complimentary conversation about what you are trying to accomplish and how we may assist.

2.  Once we agree to work together a Financial Document Checklist and Client Engagement Letter is sent to you to review/sign​

3.  Your payment is collected with the signed Client Engagement Letter  and our first meeting is scheduled

4.  Our services are available in 3 packages which we are happy to discuss with you


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The divorce process is sad, stressful, and many other words one could use to describe it, particularly if you have been married a long time and suddenly your spouse decides it is over.  Sometimes it is also about relief, freedom, opportunity for a new life!  This is how we choose to think of it, as an opportunity for our clients to live their best life yet.  

When you are working to sort out the finances of divorce, it is important to make sure you have an objective party helping make sense of the numbers so that your best life does not get marred by financial vulnerability.  We can walk through that process with you so you are aware of the impact of the decisions you are contemplating.  

Our services are customized whether you are trying to figure out your budget for the Financial Affidavit, want to talk through the numbers in  your Separation Agreement, or have numerous assets, etc. and need help getting organized.  Whether you are sorting this out as a couple, or are preparing for a meeting with your attorney, we get you organized and ready so you make more efficient use of  the time, with facts.


With your financial information like expenses, income, assets, and liabilities, we help determine the short-term and long-term financial impact of a proposed divorce settlement

to make sure it works now as well as down the road. 

We examine and analyze the financial issues of your divorce, providing you and your lawyer with feedback to help strengthen their case. We help our clients avoid the common financial pitfalls

of divorce by offering valuable insight into the pros and cons of different settlement proposals.  



·         Assemble financial facts and assumptions to evaluate settlement options

·         Act as a financial advocate or neutral.

·         Produce personalized financial documents; tailored to your specific financial situation

·         Provide feedback to your attorney to assist in determining the best and fairest financial outcome

·         Available to serve as an Expert Witness


·         Peace of mind that the settlement is equitable

·         Hearing an objective viewpoint during an emotional time