Supporting clients in their move toward financial readiness during divorce

​​Jessica M Garcia​ MBA, CDFA

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Financial Information Checklist
✓ Paystubs, etc. most recent from all employment sources  ✓ Last 3 years filed tax returns-personal and joint with any amendments  
✓ Estimate pre-separation monthly housing expenses for you and children ✓ Estimate pre-separation monthly personal expenses for you and your children
✓ Real Estate addresses, valuations, original closing documents, etc. ✓ Statements for checking, savings, money market and CD accounts, Savings bonds Investment and individual stock/bond account   ✓ Retirement accounts including 401K, IRA, ROTH, SEP IRA, 403B, 457 Plans, Thrift Plans  ✓ Pension plan statements and documents  ✓ Closely held business statements, interest and debt obligations  ✓ Stock options  ✓ Corporate bonus and incentive plans  ✓ Annuity holdings 
✓ Personal, auto, mortgage statement, home equity and school loans ✓ Credit card and any outstanding debt obligations  ✓ Health insurance coverage and plan document