​​​​​​​Jessica M Garcia​ MBA, CDFA

​Empowering Women Through Financial Literacy

​​​DIVORCE & YOUR FINANCES  When that change is divorce, professional experts in legal, financial, and emotional support are important throughout the process.  Organizing your income, expenses, assets, liabilities takes on a crucial role....the divorce experience on its own can be a very difficult and painful process, just getting your finances in order can seem overwhelming.

Brainstormingwomen offers a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst to provide the necessary support to help you during this time of transition.  We take a sensible and realistic approach to your finances.  Together, we will work with your financial facts, assess your current state, and review cash flows to estimate potential impact in the long-term.  Schedule a consultation today.

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WOMEN AND WEALTH  Many women I speak to regarding their finances usually say something quite similar to me  "My husband manages the money in our family"  or if single "My dad is still managing my investments for me."  Now, don't misunderstand me, that is all well and good, it is wonderful to have someone looking out for your best interests, makes life easier sometimes.  My concern is if they never participate in their finances, other than possibly earning or spending it, as this can be a set up for financial vulnerability over the long-term.  Something as simple as scheduling an annual review can go a long way to ensure you are in sync with your long-term goals, and that any unexpected events do not completely blindside you.

Jessica M Garcia, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst  info@brainstormingwomen.com

LIFE HAPPENS  Change is a fact of life, sometimes it catches us completely off guard and sometimes we initiate it.  In either case it can be a difficult time.  This is when a good grasp of your financial picture becomes particularly important, and whether it is due to a death of a spouse, a job change, or the end of a marriage, we can help.

We begin by assessing current state, considering scenarios, and then looking at the mid and long-term implications of these.  If a different process is needed for you, we tailor it to accommodate your needs.  Let's talk about how we can help you.