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Jessica M Garcia MBA CDFA


Jessica M. Garcia, MBA, CDFA™​​​​​​

Getting divorced in Cary, NC

​Welcome!  Most likely you are visiting because suddenly you have been faced with circumstances that are requiring a hard look at your finances, having to make decisions, and not sure where exactly to begin.  Maybe you have been putting off this process, hoping it will go away. 

We understand, and you have come to the right place, our cases have included clients who:

  • Have been married 25 plus years, exchanged a career to support a spouse and raise a family, accumulated sizeable assets, and are now faced with divorce -- unexpectedly
  • ​Have been given a separation agreement to sign and want to look deeper into what that means to their finances in the long run
  • ​Want to be efficient with financial resources when working with a divorce attorney so we help them to prepare their financial picture ahead of time; income, expenses, assets, liabilities
  • ​Do not know where to begin when completing the Financial Affidavit
  • ​Want to set up a budget and look at long term projections of cash flow
  • Just want to "pick our brain" on a consultative basis​​


Based in North Carolina, serving clients throughout the US, our solutions are tailor made for you.​ 

Ready to Brainstorm?​ 

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Have you heard of Gray Divorce?

​​Thank you for visiting, I have relied on this proverb many times, hope it serves you well.                                                                                        

                                                                                                                             ~ Jessica

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