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​​​Jessica M. Garcia, MBA, CDFA™​​​​​​

LIFE HAPPENS  Change is a fact of life, sometimes it catches us completely off guard and sometimes we initiate it.  In either case it can be a difficult time.  This is when a solid understanding of your financial picture becomes particularly important, and whether it is due to a death of a spouse, a job change, the end of a marriage, we can help.   

​Empowering Women Through Financial Literacy


Money issues are responsible for 22% of all divorces according to the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysis, so when that change in your life is divorce, professional experts in legal, financial, and emotional support become quite important throughout the process.  Assembling a team to support you and your family during this time can make all the difference in how you move forward.  You will want to quickly begin organizing your income, expenses, assets, liabilities and how your goals and priorities align with these. 

Having a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, on your team will make a difference.  You might think hiring a CDFA is an added cost to an already expensive divorce, but understanding your financial situation, as you negotiate or even better, prior to meeting with you attorney, will make the process smoother and more efficient, saving you time and money. ​​

survive divorce


Maybe you are mulling the idea of starting a business.  Perhaps you are thinking of leaving the corporate world, becoming an entrepreneur, or just want to get organized and plan ahead. 

Maybe you are one of women I speak with regarding their finances who frequently say something like "My husband takes care of all that."  or if single "My dad is still managing my investments for me."  Now, don't misunderstand me, that is all well and good, it is wonderful to have someone looking out for your best interests, makes life easier sometimes. 

The concern is if you rarely participate in the finances, other than possibly earning or spending, as this can be a set up for financial vulnerability over the long-term.  Something as simple as taking a deep dive into what your financial picture looks like, a review, can go a long way to ensure you are in sync with your long-term financial goals.​​